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We freight to all over the world The best logistic company, FAST and SAFELY!


Tradar Group is committed to operating its business in a sustainable manner that creates value for the customers. Some of the future plans are given below:

Human Rights Initiative

We believe that the foundation of good management practices and the long term success of the company depends on sustainability, which is the best risk-adjusted returns for the customers.

Child Education

We are committed to conducting our business with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements. We conduct business that ensures the health and safety of our employees, customers, and safekeeping the customers, and employee data.

Environmental Protection

Our commitment to sustainability helps us decrease our environmental impact across the services. Tradar Group insists on using efficient processes, efficient and advance low carbon footprint fuel alternate, by using the shortest route for transportation and handling the resources carefully.


We want to create a safer and good workplace for our employees for their development while implying protecting their human rights and labor law practices. With further expansion of our business, our future plans are to help out the society and communities.